Trailer Plate

When you recently bought your trailer or just moved to California state in the US, you need to register your trailer in California to get a plate from California DMV. A trailer plate must be registered and attached to the trailer for identification purposes.

Before you can get a trailer plate, you must follow all the procedures for its registration. This includes a certificate of entitlement, proof of identification, tax bill, vehicle registration documents, bank details, driver’s licenses, and many more. Obtaining California trailer plates, or Maine trailer plates is quite easy and hassle-free but can sometimes take a long time which can delay your trailer from

Although every state has different laws for registration, most states require you to register your trailer within 30 days of purchase. The registration fee and process vary from state to state, and the penalties for not registering are severe in most of the states. Here are some of the requirements for trailer registration.

Fill out and submit your application form to the Department of Motor Vehicles. All necessary information should be filled in without error, such as Vehicle Identification Number, brand, title application, and others, should be filled in without error. Without a title, you might not be issued a trailer plate, which means you cannot drive on a public road.

You must contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of purchase to make an appointment for your trailer egistration. But if you purchase through a dealer, the dealer might help you with the whole process. According to the DMV, you need the documents to complete your registration.

● Complete application form
● Proof of ownership.
● Vehicle license fee
● Vehicle identification number
● Bill of sale
● Tax and registration fee

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