What Is The Standard Carrier Alpha Code?

The standard carrier alpha code is also known as the SCAC and is a unique 2-to-4 letter code used to identify carriers and transportation companies. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association developed this in the 1960s.

Now it has become a more computerized way of storing and managing information and records. It makes sure that all your shipping documents are stored in a computer system in a digital and easily retrievable format. This means that all your freight bills, purchase orders, packing lists, and bills of lading will be digitized and easily accessible to concerned parties. This eliminates the need to mail hard copies of documents back and forth between you and your stakeholders. The SCAC code is used across various modes such as water, rail, and motor to monitor transportation companies all over the country.

Who Needs A SCAC Code?

The SCAC code is a critical requirement, and US government agencies primarily use it. The Customs and border protection authority also uses this code. It helps them monitor carriers that enter the country using international state borders. This code helps them retrieve important
information about the carriers and transportation companies that intend to do business with the US government and its various agencies. For example, The Food and Drug Administration uses this code to make sure that none of the food items and edibles that are being transported inside the country’s borders are contaminated or lead to any threat to the general public. This code is highly useful for forestry, railroad, petroleum, automobile, and ocean container industries.

How To Get A Certificate Of Standard Carrier Alpha Code?

Your SCAC code will be assigned to you by the NMFTA. You can apply on their official website and go through the procedure as directed by them to apply for this certificate. The application fee is subject to change depending on your residence

You very well know that this code is used to identify motor carriers and transportation companies. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association is going to issue this code to identify you. After you receive the code and if you have any issues using it in ACE or perhaps if you want to use it in your Exports in the Automated Export System, you should generate a request for the US Customs and Border Protection, Office of Trade. You should also attach the NMFDA letter along with that email.

How Can You Use The SCAC To Automate Your Work In Shipping?

Your SCAC code allows you to automate your various shipping procedures. It is a great way to register your shipping documents with a computer system that is highly secure and allows for easy record retrieval and information management. It allows you to store and share several of your documents, such as:
● Invoices and bills
● Purchase orders
● Advanced ship notices
● Bills of lading
● Inventory documents
● Customs documents
● Shipping status documents
● Payment documents