Highway Tax HVUT 2290

Highway Tax HVUT 2290

On public highways, heavy vehicles must pay taxes or HVUT, a fee collected annually by the IRS for operating with the registered gross weight of vehicles exceeding 55,000 lb. The calculations are based on the total weight of the vehicles with the accessories added and the custom-loaded weight normally carried on-road by the combination of trucks.

Form 2290 is used to pay taxes by the motor vehicle authorities whose total weight is 55,000 lb or more. To file form 2290, motor vehicle authorities must provide information such as vehicle identification number (VIN), First used month (FUM), and taxable gross weight of the motor vehicle. Vehicles that run less than 5,000 miles must pay due taxes depending on the motor carrier vehicle. You’re not supposed to pay the taxes. Instead, you must file form 2290 to the IRS. You can ask us about such file submissions, and our expert team will assist you in this case.

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