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At Total Truck Permits we are committed to providing our clients with quality service for all trucking companies.

We are helping our customers, from starting a new trucking company and compliance on the road with all documents required By FMCSA in all 48 states.

We are registered and bonded business partners with DMV California. We provide all registration services for Auto, Commercial and IRP (International Registration Plan).

Total Truck Permits offers services for same day transactions including issuing quick tags, quick registration, quick IRP Cab Card, Plates and Stickers from our office the same day most and shipping to your doorstep by the next day.

We ship plates and stickers all in the USA.

We are proud of our high-quality service in trucking and auto industries for Registration Services.

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What We Do

We bear procedures such as IRP Plate (Same Day) all truck permits, IFTA Fuel tax, ARB registration, Title-related issues, MCP, EPN enrollment, invoice, and payroll service. The professional service that Total Truck Permits, allows you to facilitate your FMCSA DOT authority for your new business as easily as possible. Our knowledgeable team will take care of all documents that are required by the FMCSA. Our services offer everything a new carrier needs to start a new company from filing federal and state documents to assisting in managing your safety and compliance. We also assist in obtaining additional permits and filings that are sometimes needed to maintain your business.

Our Services

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Why Choose Our Transport solution

Our Transport solution

Among hundreds of companies, TTP stands out because of its dedication and efficiency in dealing with legal provisions. Our licensed agents ensure safety and punctuality at each step. Up-to-date calculations save customers from fraud, overpayment, and legal hazards. Prompt remedy for any complication is another feature of TTP. Quick and available contact team and constant improvement on our part have gained customers' confidence.

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