MC(ICC) Authority

Why do I need an MC number when I already possess a DOT number?

MC Number: A Motor Carrier (MC) Number is Issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This authority is required for all FOR-HIRE Interstate carriers. A valid insurance policy must be on file with FMCSA.

We can process your MC number the same day and have to be active by FMCSA in 21 working days.

All interstate carriers cross state line must obtain an MC authority to transport federally regulated by FMCSA. Carriers operate interstate transportation like hire trucking companies, which varies with their business.

Our experts can help you choose the proper business authority to activate MC authority, where you can get all the requirements. Just drop us an e-mail or your phone number, and one of our representatives will be there to help you understand the entire process.

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