Out Of State Transfer

You’ve started the process correctly. The REG 343 will need to be completed and signed by the buyer. A VIN verification might be required as
well. You’ll probably want to know this in fact before you make the trip. To play it safe, we’d encourage the vehicle identification number (VIN) to be inspected by a certified VIN verification agency, DMV office, or CHP, either way. We mentioned a VIN verification might be needed. Because the truck was at one point already registered in California, it is possible the DMV may not require this inspection. If this was a vehicle seeking first-time California registration, a VIN verification would be mandatory. The DMV will be able to advise.

How long ago the vehicle was registered in CA might come into play as to whether the DMV still has complete records.

Specific to Heavy Trucks: The DMV may or may not require a Weight Certificate. Out-of-state trucks and pickups must undergo a weight inspection before obtaining vehicle registration in California for the first time. A weight certificate can be obtained at these Public Weigh Stations. Since this vehicle was once registered here, the DMV may or may not require one. They will be able to tell you since you might not have the opportunity to get in physical contact with the seller once you arrive in California.

As far as using our online title transfer system, it is possible the system was unable to calculate the correct fees because of a future purchase date. Try the system with the current date and it should give your correct results.

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